To consider before you buy a puppy

Thinking about buying a Labrador puppy?

Here are some things to consider before you buy a puppy.

Read variety of books about the breed, and how it is to get a puppy.

Can you take care of a puppy?

Do you have any advice? With the price, insurance, feed, cost of veterinary, vaccinations.
, toys and much more.

Do you have the time that a puppy requires and so desperately need?

Will there be someone at home to look after your puppy?

Is your garden completely secure and fenced?

You must understand that the family gets a new member for 10 - 15 years ahead.

The cute little puppy can destroy a chair in less than an hour on the case.

Puppies are like babies, and can not be home alone for several hours.

Just go to breeders who are serious.

Contact your local breed club and ask if there is anyone who is planning puppies in your area.

When you visit a breeder, make sure you get to see the mother, and the ENTIRE litter.
Don´t accept that the breeder shows up a few puppies from the litter.

Since the father probably should be far away,  you can not see him live, make sure you see the paper that he has free hips, elbows, and are eyechecked continuously without any hereditary diseases.

Puppies should be well-formed legs, smell good, be brave and get in touch with you.

There will be clean and neat where they sleep and live.

A serious breeder will make sure that you at first visit get a Food list and a list of information about deworming etc. of the puppy before you get the puppy home.

Don´t accept other form of "registration" than from the Swedish Kennel Club, and a health certificate from the veterinary, not older than seven days.

Unfortunately, no breeder, how serious you are, ensure that you get a healthy dog. But a reputable breeder is always available to her buyers with tips and advice.

Labrador is a wonderful family member, and is extremely popular, not least because of the wonderful temperament.

Do not buy a puppy from someone who mass-produces puppies. We breed for QUALITY, not QUANTITY!

Finally there are many people who will help you. Don´t be afraid to ask other owner of labradros about things you are wondering.

And you will enjoy your Labrador!