This is included when you get a puppy from kennel SEABIRDS

  • All puppies are at least 8 weeks old on delivery.

    The puppies have an id-microchip

    A pedigree from the Swedish Kennel club

    A veterinary certificate thet is not older than seven days.

    Information about the worm medicine I have been given the puppies.

    Information about the feeding times.

    General guidelines for taking care about the puppy.

    A vaccination certificate.

    The Swedich contract with an addition that the puppy should not be put down, sold or rehomed with out contact with me first, who has the right to call back the transaction.

    When the dog is 1 years old, I would like  that the puppy to be X-rayed on  hips and elbows

    The puppies have with him a thing that smells of mum.

    A couple of days supply of the food he is used to eat.

    One year’s membership in LABRADOR RETRIEVER CLUB OF SWEDEN

    I prioritize puppy buyers who plan to work with the dog, what kind of work doesn’t matter.
    The priority is to activate the dog, No dogs like to be kept as a “coach-potato”.

    I will have contact with the puppy, and I like to be informed about positive and negatives things.