Augusti 2008/August 2008

1/4 Ukl


HD A-A. Armbågar 0-0. Optigentest Normal/Clear

Hips A-A. Elbows 0-0. Optigentest Normal/Clear


CH Cambremer Mac Gregor CH Tullochmohr Final Edition CH Carpenny Walpole
Briensco Emerald at Tullochmohr
CH Cambremer Two To Tango Rocheby Old Smokey
CH Cambremer In The Mood
Sea-Birds Invite Me In Your Life CH Lundemarken's Thor Lindballes Lauda
Crosswood Velvet-Dawn CH Guideline's Copyright
SVCH Musical's Crazy For You

Ägare / Owner Tord Mansfield, Kennel Fairfield, Lilla Edet