1/1 UKK 2:a Bästa hanhund med CK
1/2 Ökl 3:a Bästa hanhund med Ck
BIS LRK Open Show 2008

1/1 Youngster 2nd Best male with CC quality
1/2 Open dogs 3rd Best male with CC quality
BIS LRC Open Show 2008


Höfter B-B. Armbågar 0-0. Ögonlyst UA. PRA-prcd heretitärt fri.
EIC testad N/N

Hips B-B. Elbows 0-0. Eyes Clear. PRA-prcd Clear. EIC N/N


Wilcare Leisure Suit Larry CH Lubberline Pumpernickle CH Hunt Club Clayview Brown Derby
Lubberline Chocolate Factory
CH Willcares Godiva CH Boradors Willcare Master Copy
CH Willcare Fortuna of the Nite
CH Seabirds Loveletter In The Sand CH.Tjottes Broken Arrow CH.Mambrinos Harvey
CH.Tjottes Babysitters Nightmare
Cadonaus Emilia Galotti CH.Raintree Slippery When Wet
Seabirds Yummy Chocolate Pudding

Ägare / Owner Seabirds kennel

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